Understanding Your Child’s Emotional Development from the Inside-Out
Sunday, October 25, 2015
3:00-4:15 pm
Facilitated by Rhonda Hauser, M.A. and Susanna Cassady
Sponsored by A Leap of Action

Navigating the wide range of your child’s emotions can often be confusing and downright frustrating. Just when you think you have mastered the art of dealing with your curious and independent child, as if by magic, you find yourself confronted by that same child who is now screaming, crying and hitting. You are not alone. This workshop will help you learn some strategies and tips for handling your child’s wide range of big emotions and understand how best to support your child’s overall emotional wellness. This is a family workshop so BRING YOUR CHILDREN (3 years old or older please). While you are learning some new techniques, the children will use yoga, breathing and art to better understand and manage their world of emotions.

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Ahh…summertime. It’s that time of year when we plan to accomplish so much: catch up on our pleasure reading, organize that overflowing hall closet , finally find the right exercise routine. Oftentimes the flexibility of our summer schedule allows ample opportunity to achieve, or at least begin to tackle, these goals.

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Welcome to A Leap Of Action. We all can use a little help in making the necessary changes to our parenting styles.  There are so many reasons why we cling to our unsuccessful interaction patterns with our children.  Sometimes all it takes is that extra push to try something new. Join me in helping you take that leap of action to a fresh start. Please check back regularly for relevant articles, tips and guidance that will inspire you as you navigate the journey of parenting.