Austin Parenting Workshops

Do you often wonder if you are the only person out there who finds parenting a challenge? Nothing is more reassuring than finding out that other parents are struggling with similar issues. Effective parenting occurs when you adapt and adjust your child-rearing skills to meet the ever-changing needs and interests of your children. Join me for a variety of parenting workshops in Austin designed to enhance your developing skill set as a parent.

Topics for workshops might include:

  • Greet the school year with gusto: tips to ensure a smooth transition back to school
  • De-stressing your daily family routines
  • Time-in is the new time-out: connecting to change behavior
  • Teacher, can you hear me? Building a successful collaboration between home and school
  • Surviving and thriving during the season of giving
  • Creating an attitude of gratitude in your family
  • Using the “family meeting” to create family cohesion
  • How an allowance helps children make sense out of cents
  • Deconstructing divorce for families with young children

Check back regularly to register for upcoming workshops.

Do you have a specific topic that you and your friends have been discussing? Why not learn some new parenting skills in a relaxed environment with a group of your friends. Complete the form below to arrange a customized parenting workshop in Central Texas.