Parent and Family Support

Are you spending so much time thinking about how to parent, that you are missing out on the joyful experience of being a parent?  Like anything worth doing well, parenting requires patience, commitment and a whole lot of trial and error. With no exact “how-to” manual out there, yet multitudes of competing theories of child-rearing, it can often feel like a constant struggle to maintain an effective relationship with your children.

In a collaborative and comfortable setting, I will provide personalized, action-oriented support for parenting and family issues related to:

  • Balanced parenting environments
  • Biting and hitting
  • Child development and growth
  • Coping with illness and loss
  • Development of self-esteem and problem-solving skills
  • Difficult conversations (death and dying, diversity, peer relationships, sexuality)
  • Disruptive and defiant behavior management
  • Family transitions (birth of new sibling, moving, separation/divorce)
  • Positive guidance and discipline techniques
  • School transitions
  • Sibling harmony
  • Sleep and eating habits
  • Toilet learning

Contact me today at for an initial consultation and take that important step toward growth and change.