Home-to-School Collaboration

Are you struggling to communicate effectively with your child’s teachers? Do you wish you could find better ways to develop a strong partnership with your child’s school? Creating a collaborative environment between home and school doesn’t happen automatically. It requires intentional coordination, two-way communication and shared decision-making. Advocating for your child, especially in response to behavioral challenges at school, can often be frustrating and counter-productive for a strong home-to-school collaboration. As an experienced educational consultant, I can assist you in re-establishing and enhancing a working relationship between your family and your child’s educators to achieve a positive outcome for all.

Home-to-School collaboration services include:

  • Mutual goal setting between home and school
  • Identifying appropriate expectations for your child
  • Participation in school-based team meetings to improve educational outcomes for your child
  • Conducting observational assessments of children in school environments
  • Evaluating the appropriate fit between a family and a school
  • Providing professional development opportunities for educators on best practices and collaborative communication strategies
  • Serving as liaison to support interactive communication and coordination among family, educators and administrators

I provide educational consulting services and school support to parents and families in Austin, Central Texas and beyond. Contact me today at rhauser@aleapofaction.com to find out how I can best help you develop a trusting and productive home-to-school partnership.