Central Texas Education Consultant


Change is a natural part of growth. But making changes can be difficult. At A Leap Of Action you will develop the necessary skills to successfully navigate life’s transitions. Using a customized, action-oriented approach, I will help you learn new and effective parenting strategies, tackle tricky childrearing issues and make those changes you have been wanting to make.

The hardest part can be taking that first step.

Put the fun and joy back into parenting. Take A Leap of Action now. You’ll be glad you did.


Parent and Family Support

“Rhonda is unfailing in her desire to apply her vast knowledge of child development and family well-being to help parents support their children and successfully guide them through all stages of development.  Rhonda listens with a compassionate heart, thinks with an open mind, and advocates for families and children with integrity, patience, and a commitment to serving each person’s individual needs. She is truly one of a kind!”

~Sylvia Branca

Home to school collaboration

“Rhonda was able to help our family navigate the educational system with the sole purpose of maintaining our child’s positive self esteem. We spent hours discussing and focusing our efforts on thoughtful dialogue with the school.  Through Rhonda’s careful unraveling of the situation and thoughtful advice, she helped us understand the challenges our son faced and we systematically and successfully tackled each one.”

~Kayla and Colby Christie